Coin of the Year – the results!

The results are in and I can now reveal your top 3 coin designs of the year!

1st - Coin of the Year - the results!

3rd place – The Guernsey 2014 First World War Centenary £5 Coin
2nd Place – The UK 2014 Lord Kitchener £2 Coin

And the winner….

1st Place – The Jersey 2014 ‘100 Poppies’ £5 Coin

Thanks for all your votes!  The striking design and the importance of the work of the Royal British Legion combined to make the ‘100 Poppies’ coin a real stand out this year.

Now it’s time to look forward to the new issues for 2015!

If you’re interested…

We still have some stock available of the UK 2014 Lord Kitchener £2 Coin. Click here

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  1. Amanda Price on January 17, 2015 at 3:27 am

    Hi I purchased this coin last year, and have since purchased others. I had no problem with Delievery of this 100 poppy coin. But when I purchased it it didn’t have the option of a card or sleeve. The others I’ve purchased all have, as I don’t need the coin I was wondering if I could purchase a card with info on it about it, like VE Day one I’ve ordered, Churchill, and Battle of Britton. As I’d like to display them together. I also was lucky to get a poppy which was delivered end of November. It’s beautiful, I’ve just had my presentation display box arrive, it looks fantastic in it. Plus I know it’s safe.

    I was also wondering if a coin was or is being brought out of the start of ww2, as that was the day my dad was born, and would love to get him one.

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