Your 50p questions answered!

The 50p is the collector’s favourite coin and one that sparks a lot of questions.

So to help you out, Rachel and I have created a Q&A video that answers all YOUR top 50p questions.

From information about the Kew Gardens 50p and Olympic 50p series, to the rarest 50p, and understanding why certain 50p’s don’t enter circulation… it’s all in the video!

And don’t forget, you can find out all the latest coin news and information by clicking here >>

If you’re interested

In our next show we’ll answer the top £2 questions from collectors! Do you have a question? If so, post it below in the comments, and if we answer it in our £2 Q&A show you’ll win a mystery £2 coin to add to your collection… good luck!


  1. Andrew Hearn on March 15, 2020 at 9:04 am

    When the royal mint give mintage figures for coins do you know how this compares to coins made to coins in actual circulation ratio.
    As with £2 coins the last year for circulation appears to be 2016. Do you think the £2 coins from 2016 to now will only be in sets ? And do the royal mint hold these coins until needed in circulation ?

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