Unboxing one of the most intricate coins ever issued

When I first saw this brand new release I could hardly believe it was a legal tender coin.

You see, it’s easily one of the most intricate coins i’ve EVER seen!

And in my latest unboxing video I wanted to show you why this coin is nothing short of a three-dimensional piece of art.

Importantly, I currently have JUST 40 available, but if you’re quick it could become the centrepiece of your collection. 

If you’re interested…

Click here to find out more and to add this exceptional coin to your collection >>

Reverse - Unboxing one of the most intricate coins ever issued

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  1. Charles O'Brien on August 22, 2021 at 11:53 am

    I took one look at Cemunnos the horned god at 3oz Silver coin, my first thought was glad none of my young grandchildren were visiting me as it gave me a start I think it would frighten a couple of them. To make a coin that shape becomes ridiculous the Coco-Cola lid shape were a funny novelty and I could see them being used to buy something a Pepsi -Cola perhaps coins that weigh 2,3,5,10 ounce of precious metals is a good way to buy bullion and again up to the two oz spending them is possible. Gold coins the quarter ounce Sovereign and the half oz , but then it drops to a quarter Sovereign they are tiny and just maybe able to be spent anything smaller is too small, collecting coins should be coins that are for circulation of course keeping them good is preferable , odd shapes is no longer a coin, and only a money making exercise serious collectors will not collect them ergo why so small a mintage.

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