Relive the adventures of the Famous Five…

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I can still remember crawling under my bed sheets as a child at night armed with a torch, and reading, fascinated, about the adventures of Julian, Dick, Anne, George and Timmy – the Famous Five – as they set off in their rowing boat to explore Kirrin Island and uncover shipwrecked gold, stumbling into all sorts of hijinks and thwarting crime in the process.

I still have that copy of the Famous Five’s first adventure, Five on a Treasure Island – now passed on to my children and, I hope, one day to my grandchildren.

But for me – and I’m sure for the many Famous Five lovers across the world – the joy of the “Five” novels is more than just the story. 

Part of it is, of course, the beauty of the illustrations bringing the words to life.  But it’s also the classic design of the books’ front covers, instantly recognisable and perfectly sized for a child’s hands.  Books that are cherished as collectable in their own right.

And that’s why I have been so excited over the last few months to be able to work personally on an exclusive and highly collectable representation of Five on a Treasure Island.  Something I’m confident will be passed from children to grandchildren in years to come, just like my battered family copy of the Famous Five.

Authenticity, heritage and limited edition

That’s because, for the very first time, the actual book fronts of the Famous Five novels are being faithfully reproduced on a series of Limited Edition Silver-Plated Ingots. 

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As you can see from the enclosed photos above and below, the first Ingot is a perfect limited edition recreation of the Five on a Treasure Island book cover, including the original coloured illustration that you, I, and many generations of children have grown up to love. 

Throughout the process, authenticity and heritage have been paramount.  And that’s still the case when you turn your Five on a Treasure Island Ingot over.  As you do so, you reveal the words: “There was something else out on the sea by the rocks – something dark that seemed to lurch out of the waves…  What could it be?” – the very text from one of the book’s most dramatic scenes.

Importantly, each Ingot has been struck to the very highest standards.  The ingots themselves have been specially created to match the exact proportions of the original book and are finished with fine silver-plate. 

Your invitation to SAVE £10.00 when you order today

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Today, I would like to personally invite you to own the Five on a Treasure Island Silver-Plated Ingot for JUST £9.99 – an exclusive SAVING for you of £10.00.

Since it was first published in 1942, over 100 million copies of the Famous Five series have been sold.  Today, two million copies of the books are still sold each year!  And that’s when you realise where the collectible significance of this newly released Silver-Plated Ingot lies. 

Only 9,995 ingots have been authorised

Almost certainly,that’s far from enough for all the Famous Five lovers in Britain, let alone the rest of the world.

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