Breaking barriers on copper coins: The 2023 Sparta High-Relief Coin

Watch my video to witness a coin with an extraordinary double-sided high-relief Proof finish!

Unlike traditional minting where only one side of the coin is stamped, the 2023 Sparta 50g Copper Coin has been crafted using Smartminting technology – this allows for a three-dimensional design to be achieved on both sides of the coin, resulting in a stunning, proof-like finish…

The 2023 Sparta 50g Copper Coin

This technology is particularly groundbreaking when applied to copper coins, which have traditionally been difficult to mint with high relief due to the softness of the metal.

Due to the risk of damaging the copper during the minting process, the coins have historically been restricted to flat or low-relief designs. However, smartminting has broken through these barriers and has made it possible to achieve unprecedented relief levels.

One of the most impressive aspects of smartminting on copper coins is the ability to achieve a high-relief, proof-like finish on BOTH sides…

This is a rare feat – most copper coins that have been made high-relief will have a proof finish on one side and a plain or textured background on the other. Smartminting has made it possible to achieve a uniform, high-relief, proof-like finish on both sides of the coin, resulting in a stunning piece of art that truly captures the beauty and detail of the design.

Of course, with such advanced technology comes a higher level of rarity and exclusivity. Smartminting on copper is still a relatively new and expensive process, making coins minted using this technique much rarer than traditional copper coins.

In fact, many smartminted copper coins are issued in limited quantities. This 2023 Sparta 50g Copper Coin is no exception – JUST 5,000 are available worldwide.

Sparta Coin Obverse Reverse - Breaking barriers on copper coins: The 2023 Sparta High-Relief Coin

The coin’s intricate design and extraordinary high relief are a reflection of the Spartans’ attention to detail and their pursuit of perfection in all areas of life. A testament to the innovative spirit that drove the Spartans to greatness, it’s the perfect design to experience the power and strength of one of the most famous civilisations of all time.

With such a small quantity issued worldwide, this is a highly exclusive collector’s item and has proven difficult to source for our Westminster collectors. However, we have managed to secure a limited allocation for those who can act the fastest.

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This Ultra High-Relief Coin Pair Will Leave You THUNDERSTRUCK

Today I want to show you two stunning ultra high-relief coins that have just been released…

Part of the Norse Gods coins series, this coin PAIR features Odin, the one-eyed All-Father, and the mighty Thor, the Thunder God.

These coins really will leave you thunderstruck, but you don’t have to take my word for it – let’s take a closer look at those intricate details…

Limited to JUST 2,500 Worldwide!

With each coin limited to just 2,500 worldwide, and with even less for UK collectors, they are unlikely to be around for long in this limited-edition pair.

In the coins, Odin is portrayed as an immensely wise, one-eyed old man. The Reverse of the coin depicts Odin accompanied by his animal companions.

The mighty Thor can also be seen with a dramatic design, high relief detail and antique finish. The Reverse of the coin portrays Thor in his Godly attire with each Obverse featuring the regal portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

Odin Obverse Reverse - This Ultra High-Relief Coin Pair Will Leave You THUNDERSTRUCK

ULTRA-High Relief Finish

These coins feature some of the most impressive minting techniques you will ever see, but the highlight certainly has to be their incredibly intricate level of detail.

The coins themselves do not conform to the generic round specification and have actually been struck in the shape of the Norse Gods themselves. 

Thanks to Smartminting technology and processes that can only be achieved by a small number of mints across the world, it’s impossible to see these coin as anything other than a three-dimensional piece of art. The ultra-high relief shows Thor and Odin almost emerging from the coins – can you see the three-dimensional effect in the video? They almost feel life-like!

Odin Detail - This Ultra High-Relief Coin Pair Will Leave You THUNDERSTRUCK

And it’s this immense depth and detail that couldn’t have been captured without the coins’ antique finish. Applied by hand, it guarantees that each coin truly is unique.

Exclusive ‘FLOATING’ presentation!

That’s not all – you have the opportunity to own this intricate coin pair in a unique and limited ‘floating’ presentation.

You’ll be able to view your coins, obverse and reverse, inside a special frame presentation, giving the illusion that they’re floating on your display shelf.

Thor and Odin Coin Packaging - This Ultra High-Relief Coin Pair Will Leave You THUNDERSTRUCK

With only a small number available for UK collectors, how often do you get the chance to add a coin pairing as unique as this one to your collection?


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