News from the World Money Fair – sell outs, baby coins, nano technology and much, much more…

9.00am.  Friday 1 February 2013.  Over 500 people are queuing in the lobby area of Berlin’s Hotel Estrel.  All keen to be among the very first collectors to gain entry to the World Money Fair in search of a collector’s bargain, long sought-after coin or a glimpse at the latest issues from the world’s leading national mints.

There is no coin show quite like the World Fair of Money.  That is why each year our team of buyers attend, meeting the Mint Masters and Sales Directors of the leading mints, like the Royal Mint, Royal Canadian Mint and the Royal Australian Mint as well as some of the most well-connected secondary market coin dealers.

Here are a few of the highlights from this year’s show that I can share with you.

img 1611 - News from the World Money Fair - sell outs, baby coins, nano technology and much, much more...

Royal Mint at the World Money Fair

The Royal Canadian Mint will be issuing more $20 silver coins during 2013, continuing its trend as the world’s most popular silver coin.  However, I also heard mention of something that I am pretty sure this could create even more of a storm than the $20 coins.  I’m afraid I can’t say more until later this year!

I would also suggest that you look out for some very exciting and collectable issues to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Silver Maple.

I was excited to hear the Coronation Anniversary coins are also in the pipeline for Australia and New Zealand, which will prove historic issues with some serious collector demand.

New Zealand were also able to share with us the immense popularity of their Hobbit coins – guaranteeing that they will remain a collector favourite over the next 2 years of films.

Exciting Innovation

Elsewhere, continued innovation excited.  Perhaps my favourite was the ability to in-bed a nano chip into a coin, containing detailed information, visible only under a microscope.  There is already talk of how to use such technology to include the works of Shakespeare in a nano chip on a coin to commemorate the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth in 2014.

Looking further ahead…

With almost 80% of you wanting a coin for a royal baby, there is some encouraging news.  A number of the major national mints are having discussions with the Palace about issuing a coin with the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge’s baby this summer.

Looking further forward, I spent a considerable amount of time discussing plans to commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of World War I.  I think it is safe to say that this will be the major collecting theme of 2014 and beyond with coins expected from the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and even many of the occupied countries.

We look forward to being able to tell you more about these and many more important issues over the coming months.