The world’s FIRST EVER rotating coin has arrived…

New Zealand have announced an exciting new coin – not only does it celebrate the record-breaking reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II but it is also the world’s first ever rotating coin…

Take a look at our video below where Bill goes into a little more detail about this unique spinning coin.

p218 rotating coin - The world's FIRST EVER rotating coin has arrived...If you would like to own one of these rotating coins, we have managed to get hold of 170 for UK collectors. 

Numismatic ‘firsts’ like this are always sought-after and the whole edition limit of 2,015 has been fully allocated worldwide.



First Look: The UK’s New Longest Reigning Monarch Stamps

Royal Mail has issued a set of five new stamps marking Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II becoming our Longest Reigning Monarch.

Each stamp features a different regal design highlighting a key Royal motif, and there is a new 1st Class definitive for use on everyday letters too.

488r lrm stamps minature sheet - First Look: The UK's New Longest Reigning Monarch Stamps

I’ve managed to get hold of some of the stamps fresh off the press so I can show them to you here on the blog…

stamp 1 - First Look: The UK's New Longest Reigning Monarch Stamps

William Wyon’s City Medal depicting Queen Victoria

1st Class
In a nod to the historical precedent for the occasion this stamp features William Wyon’s ‘City Medal’. Depicting the head of Queen Victoria – the UK’s previous longest reigning monarch – the medal was struck to commemorate her first visit to London. The image on the Penny Black was based on this portrait, which in turn was based on a sketch of Princess Victoria when she was 15 years old.

stamp 2 - First Look: The UK's New Longest Reigning Monarch Stamps

Dorothy Wilding’s three-quarter profile of HM Queen Elizabeth II

1st Class
Dorothy Wilding’s three-quarter profile photograph of Queen Elizabeth II was one of a series taken in April 1952 and appeared on British postage stamps from 1952 until 1967.

It is reprised here, an unprecedented pairing of the two most important images of the Queen in British postal history.


488r lrm stamp2 650 x 450 - First Look: The UK's New Longest Reigning Monarch Stamps

The Badge of the House of Windsor

The House of Windsor came into being in 1917, when ‘Windsor’ was adopted as the British Royal Family’s official name by a proclamation of King George V, replacing the historic name of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. The Badge of the House of Windsor shown on this stamp – featuring the Round Tower of Windsor – has been in use since 1938.


488r lrm stamp1 650 x 450 - First Look: The UK's New Longest Reigning Monarch Stamps

The Queen’s Personal Flag

The second high-value stamp bears the Personal Flag of Queen Elizabeth II. This is a standard that can be used on any building, ship, car or aircraft in which the Queen is staying or travelling. It is often used to represent her role as Head of the Commonwealth.


stamp 3 - First Look: The UK's New Longest Reigning Monarch Stamps

Brand new ‘Long to Reign Over us’ 1st Class Definitive

1st Class Definitive
In 1966 the HM The Queen approved Arnold Machin’s design for an effigy of her to be used on what came to be known as the “Machin series” of British definitive postage stamps. This latest edition is printed in a new mauve colour and the text in iridescent ink repeats the phrase, ‘Long to Reign Over Us.’



postmark - First Look: The UK's New Longest Reigning Monarch Stamps

Longest Reigning Monarch Postmark – Windsor

There is also a new commemorative postmark featuring the opening lines from the national anthem – ‘God Save Our Gracious Queen’ – which complements the stamps superbly. Any commemoratives using this postmark are sure to be sought after in the future – it is a true one-of-a-kind.

Suffice to say, these five new stamps are an intelligent, subtle and dignified tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s remarkable reign. As it is extremely unlikely her record will be broken in our lifetime, these could well become some of the most sought after QEII stamps ever issued.

p353 lrmdbicc the united kindom longest reigning monarch coin cover - First Look: The UK's New Longest Reigning Monarch StampsIf you’re interested…

You can own all five of these stamps now, postmarked with the first day of issue date 9/9/2015, and affixed to a commemorative Double Coin Cover. Featuring the new UK £5 Coin, you can read more about it by clicking here…


The Story Behind the new Longest Reigning Monarch £5 Coin

st lrm cuni c2a35 for c2a35 coin facebook carousel images 1 - The Story Behind the new Longest Reigning Monarch £5 Coin

The new Longest Reigning Monarch £5 Coin issued by Jersey

This week a new £5 coin will be issued to mark Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II becoming our longest reigning monarch on 9th September.

One of the very first coins has been issued by Jersey and I’ve been given exclusive access to go behind-the-scenes for the blog.

The new £5 coin has been designed by Timothy Noad, whose work has featured on many UK coins over the years. He has even designed the Gold Sovereign twice, an unprecedented honour which is testament to his passion and understanding of numismatic art.

This passion shows through in his design for the new £5 coin. Featuring an Oak Tree and the Royal Cipher surrounded by the inscription ‘1952 – Long to Reign Over Us – 2015’, the coin has a dignified and prestigious presence.  I asked Timothy what gave him his inspiration for the design:

“The oak tree came to mind as an emblem with many relevant associations. The Royal Oak, as well as a popular pub name, is a well-known image and oak branches form part of the heraldic badge of the House of Windsor.

“It is also a symbol of Britain, endurance and longevity, so very appropriate for the Queen. Shields were hung on trees during medieval tournaments, often held in honour of a Queen or noble lady, and this shield bears the Queen’s personal cipher. I enjoy seeing how my drawings are translated into actual coins and I am very happy with this design.”

coin progression with arrows - The Story Behind the new Longest Reigning Monarch £5 Coin

The process behind the design of the new coin

From Drawing to Finished Coin

But getting from an idea to a struck coin is a time consuming process, a real labour of love.

First of all the design is hand-drawn, and careful consideration has to be given to the shape and size of the engraving so it can be accurately minted. Then the wording has to be laid out, with the added complication of retaining the typesetting within the circular shape.

Finally, the finished drawing is scanned and processed, ready to be made into a die which will eventually be used to produce the commemorative coins you can own.

Limited Edition Versions Available

st lrm cuni c2a35 for c2a35 coin facebook carousel images 3 - The Story Behind the new Longest Reigning Monarch £5 Coin

Detail of the Longest Reigning Monarch £5 Coin design

The most affordable limited edition version of the coin is the Proof Edition, featuring the addition of gold ink. Just 4,950 will be minted and these are sure to be popular.

The coin is also being struck in a range of other formats, from a face value version right up to a staggering 5 ounce gold edition – I’ve held one and its sheer scale took my breath away.

So there’s a type of coin for all collectors – and if there’s one thing I’m sure, it’s that this coin is a truly fitting commemoration of the remarkable reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

lrm cuni proof box - The Story Behind the new Longest Reigning Monarch £5 CoinIf you’re interested…

The Longest Reigning Monarch £5 Proof Coin is available to pre-order now.