Celebrating the inaugural year of King Charles III

6th May 2023 saw the country united in joy and renewed hope for the future of British monarchy as we witnessed the first Coronation in 70 years. Since then, King Charles III has set the tone for his reign with a wonderful mix of tradition, humour, and adaptation to the modern world.

Indeed, history is being written before our eyes, as a man steps into the shoes he was born to fill.

And to commemorate this period of great change, a series of 50p coins have been issued under authorisation from Buckingham Palace and King Charles III himself.

Here’s how you can own one, for yourself or for generations to come…

Collector’s Choice: Limited Edition Dual-Plated 50p Collection

KCIII Inaugural Year Dual plated 50p Lifestyle 01 - Celebrating the inaugural year of King Charles III

This stunning collection features 10 brand new 50p coins charting the most important firsts in the reign of King Charles III and the world-famous Royal Mews.

Each coin is struck to a BU finish and features dual-plating of silver and 24 carat gold – a SELL-OUT specification reserved for royal 50p releases in recent years. Just 29,995 dual-plated 50p collections have been authorised for release.

Re-capture the joy of collecting as you receive a new dual-plated 50p each month for just £24.99 (+p&p). And when you trial the collection today you’ll SAVE £20.00 on the very first coin – yours for just £4.99 (+p&p).

We’re confident you’ll love watching your collection grow, but if not, you’re covered by your 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and there’s no obligation to continue collecting. So what have you got to lose?

Click here to Own the FIRST Dual-Plated 50p for just £4.99(+p&p)

Classic BU Pack Presentation

AT Kings Inaugural Year 50p Set Images 2 - Celebrating the inaugural year of King Charles III

From Trooping the Colour to the State Opening of Parliament, this set features five 50p coins commemorating the most significant, traditional events in King Charles III’s inaugural year.

Each coin is struck to a BU finish and housed in a classic collector pack.

Click here to get yours for just £37.50 (+p&p)

Time-Sealed Silver DateStamp™ Pair – 995 worldwide

DN 2024 Datestamp KCIII First Year as King pair set product images DY amend 4 - Celebrating the inaugural year of King Charles III

This special DateStamp™ Pair is the perfect time-sealed commemorative celebrating the first year of the reign of King Charles III.

Featuring the Official British Isles Coronation 50p and the Official British Isles Inaugural Year 50p, each coin is struck from Sterling Silver to a pristine Proof finish.

Importantly, each 50p is paired with a 1st class stamp and has been officially postmarked by Royal Mail on the date of the Coronation and the 1 year anniversary – 6th May 2023 and 2024 respectively.

Due to the one-day-only nature of both postmarks, no more of these historic DateStamp™ Pairs can ever be issued. And with just 995 worldwide, we’re expecting a sell-out before we reach the anniversary of the Coronation.

Secure one today with an initial interest-free instalment of just £15.50 (+p&p)

Premium Pick: Silver Proof 50p Set – pay just £37.50 today

KCIII Inaugural Year Silver 50p Set Lifestyle 02 - Celebrating the inaugural year of King Charles III

These stunning Silver Proof 50p coins with intricate 24 carat gold-plating are the premium pick and a timeless way to commemorate this period of our history. However, they won’t be around for long…

1. A SELL OUT Specification – From the UK NHS 50p to the recent 50p paying tribute to the work of the RNLI, Silver Proof 50p coins are always in high demand and the sets have a strong sell out history.

2. Struck to PERFECTION – Each coin has been struck from Sterling Silver to a pristine Proof finish with the addition of intricate 24 carat gold-plating to bring the designs to life.

3. Issued with a TINY EDITION LIMIT – just 750 sets have been authorised for worldwide release. That almost certainly won’t meet demand.

What’s more, this prestigious set can be yours with 10 interest-free instalments of just £37.50(+p&p).

Click here to secure your King Charles III Inaugural Year Silver Proof Set

We can’t overestimate the historic significance of a change in the tide of British monarchy. We are living through a period that will be remembered in history books and immortalised on official coinage.

Be part of the story and secure your King Charles III Inaugural Year commemorative coin today.

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