A closer look: the best way to celebrate YOUR Patron Saint this year…

The stories of our Patron Saints are rooted in history, legend, and faith; and yet the annual feast days have evolved to become something of a national celebration year after year.

And last week’s new British Isles 50p release reminded us just how important these symbols of our national identity still are.

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Here’s my rundown of the different ways you can still own the sought-after Patron Saints 50p coins:

The Complete Patron Saints Colour BU 50p Set 

AT BU Colour Patron Saints 50p Set Images 12 - A closer look: the best way to celebrate YOUR Patron Saint this year…

Featuring all five new 50p coins – St George of England, St Patrick of Ireland, St David of Wales, St Andrew of Scotland and St Helier of issuing country, Jersey – this beautiful set is the collector favourite.

Each coin is struck to a Brilliant Uncirculated finish and features intricate, selective colour application to bring the design to life with nods to each nation’s heritage.

The presentation is limited to just 995 worldwide – that’s more than twice as limited as the standard Brilliant Uncirculated presentation which sold out in a matter of days.

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The Patron Saints of Great Britain Silver Proof 50p Set

Patron Saints Silver 50p Set Lifestyle 01 - A closer look: the best way to celebrate YOUR Patron Saint this year…

For those looking for something even more exclusive, a set of 4 Silver Proof 50p coins has been issued with a strict worldwide edition limit of just 495.

In true minting mastery, St George, St Patrick, St David and St Andrew have been selectively plated in 24 carat gold, making this a truly stunning way to own these new coins.

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Own a time-sealed 50p celebrating YOUR Patron Saint

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And if you want to own a limited edition, time-sealed 50p honouring your Patron Saint exclusively, there are two stunning presentations with official on-the-day postmarks by Royal Mail.

That’s right, the St George, St Patrick and St David Brilliant Uncirculated 50p coins have been paired with a 1st Class Country Definitive Stamp and postmarked with that Saint’s Feast Day in a beautiful cover presentation – each limited to just 500.

And again, for those looking for a more premium time-sealed commemorative – the St George and St Patrick Silver Proof 50p coins have been issued in a DateStamp™ capsule which you can pre-order today.

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The World’s First St. George 50p – struck from 5 ounces of pure silver

AT Patron Saints 5oz Images 5 - A closer look: the best way to celebrate YOUR Patron Saint this year…

Now let me finish with the masterpiece.

The Westminster Collection are taking commissions for a special Five Ounce Silver Proof 50p featuring St George of England.

As the face of the UK Sovereign for over 200 years, it’s astonishing that a George and the Dragon 50p didn’t exist before today.

And that’s why the response to the whole range has been remarkable.

Impressively, the 5oz Silver Proof 50p is DOUBLE the diameter of a regular 50p coin and almost 20 times heavier – a true collection centrepiece.

But due to the difficulty in achieving a perfect strike of a coin like this, an edition limit of just 250 has been agreed with the mint. And with commissions already coming in, you won’t have long to secure yours.

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So, whether you’re proud to be English, Irish, Scottish or Welsh, this range celebrates the strength and legacy of each nation individually, and the unique unity of the British Isles as a whole.

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