Secure the East India Company’s FIRST Sovereign range to feature King Charles III

Renowned for their intricate minting, stunning designs and innovative concepts, The East India company is at the height of numismatic craftsmanship.

And every year, The East India Company issue their Gold Sovereign coin range.

Released to celebrate key events, anniversaries and the history of the British Monarchy, these coins are steeped in tradition, artistry, and inspired by Sovereigns from the past and present.

But this year, collectors have waited for arguably the most anticipated East India Company release in decades: the first Sovereign range to feature our new monarch, King Charles III.

Read on to learn why The East India Company’s yearly Sovereign releases are so sought-after, why this year’s issue has already created a collecting buzz, and how you can secure one…

The Range

The East India Company’s renowned Sovereign range is known for its spectacular designs and detailed minting techniques. Historically, each coin has thoughtfully depicted part of the Royal Coat of Arms, paying tribute to the British Monarchy.

This year, in May 2023, the world witnessed the crowning of King Charles III. This was the first Coronation celebrated for a British monarch in over 70 years.

So, collectors anticipated The East India Company’s 2023 Sovereign range to be more spectacular than ever…

EIC 2023 Sovereign Blog Image 1 - Secure the East India Company’s FIRST Sovereign range to feature King Charles III

Included in this brand-new Sovereign range from the East India Company is:

  • The Sovereign
  • The Double Sovereign
  • The Three-Sovereign Set
  • The Five-Sovereign Set

Insatiable Demand

These are the FIRST East India Company Sovereigns to feature King Charles III on the obverse.

This official effigy has been designed by Glyn Davies, which also features on the new British Isles coin releases.

CL EIC 2023 Sovereign launch single sov 1 002 - Secure the East India Company’s FIRST Sovereign range to feature King Charles III

All struck from 22 carat Gold, each Sovereign in this range features the unique East India Company Privy Mark which depicts a portrayal of St. Edward’s Crown bearing the initials CR.

But, this Sovereign range has been given strict worldwide edition limits.

In fact, The East India Company’s 2023 Sovereign is nearly 24 times more limited than the SOLD-OUT UK 2022 Memorial Sovereign, which was also the first to feature King Charles III.

What’s more, the 2021 Gold Sovereign and the 2022 Five-Sovereign set completely sold-out.

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How to secure yours…

The emphasis on this being the first Sovereign range from The East India Company to feature King Charles III cannot be overstated.

When you consider past sell-outs combined with demand collectors demonstrated for the first UK Sovereigns to feature His Majesty, demand is expected to be unmatched.

But, The Westminster Collection has been lucky enough to secure a small number of Sovereigns from this brand-new range. Although, looking at the edition limits, they are unlikely to be available for long…

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The most important gold coin in the world right now

As I’m sure you know, this year we celebrate the milestone 95th birthday of our monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.

This is a crucial moment in our country’s history. She is longest reigning head of state that the UK, and in fact the world, has ever seen. Amazingly, 81% of the British population has been born following her coronation, so she is the only monarch that the majority of us have ever known.

This makes her reign one of the most important and impressive in Britain’s history.

To mark this momentous occasion The East India Company has issued a special limited edition Gold Proof Sovereign that’s frankly the most important gold coin in the world right now.

You’ll understand when you see the design and the edition limit. These two things are going to make this Sovereign one of the most sought-after gold coins in history, and the very pinnacle for all collectors looking to mark the Queen’s birthday…

Nostalgic Mary Gillick Portrait

LS EIC Queens 95th Birthday Sovereign obv detail lifestyle - The most important gold coin in the world right now

It goes without saying that Sovereigns are one of the most collected coins in the world. Known in the 19th century as ‘the chief coin of the world’ it has maintained its global reputation for accuracy, integrity and beauty.

Whilst the reverse of this Sovereign depicts the iconic image of St George slaying the dragon, it’s the obverse that’s going to have collectors rushing to secure this coin.

You see, The East India Company has been given special permission to use the very first official portrait of the Queen by Mary Gillick on this coin’s obverse, making this the first time it has been seen on a Sovereign for over 50 years.

Significantly, the Gillick portrait was the first effigy of Her Majesty to be used on UK coin. This nostalgic effigy, emphasising the Queen’s youth and vitality, represents the beginning of her reign and is the perfect tribute to her impressive reign and legacy.

Over Ten Times Rarer than the UK Proof Sovereign

LS EIC Queens 95th Birthday Sovereign rev lifestyle - The most important gold coin in the world right now

Importantly, the East India Company Gold Proof Sovereign is struck to the same exacting standards as the UK sovereign – in 7.98 grams of 22 Carat Gold. All that differs is the design and – crucially – the edition limit.

It has a strict single coin worldwide edition limit of 750, which when compared to the significantly higher UK 2021 Gold Proof Sovereign edition limit of 7,995 makes this coin over TEN times more limited.

What’s more the UK 2021 Gold Proof Sovereign was also issued specially to mark the 95th birthday of Her Majesty the Queen, and it completely SOLD OUT at the Mint inside nine weeks of release!

The Most Important Gold Coin in the World Right Now

EIC Queens 95th Birthday Sovereign main - The most important gold coin in the world right now

It’s clear that there is high demand this year for commemoratives marking the Queen’s birthday – and it’s only February!

Whilst I suspect we will see many more commemoratives for Her Majesty’s 95th birthday, this Sovereign is undoubtedly the most significant. Frankly, it’s the most important gold coin you can find right now in the world.

The scarcity of these Sovereigns alone will make them highly sought-after amongst collectors, but when you consider the historic use of the Mary Gillick portrait – not seen on a coin for 50 years! – I’m sure they will be at the top of every collector’s must-have list.

Especially if the sell-out of the UK 2021 Sovereign is anything to go by, these coins will be snapped up in a flash.

If you’re interested…

It’s clear that any collector looking to secure one of these rare coins will have to take urgent action.

As an Official Distributor of The East India Company, we are lucky to have a limited number of these significant Sovereigns available for Westminster Collection collectors.

But with so few available, and demand for Queen Elizabeth II commemoratives already at an all-time high, we do not expect that we have enough coins to go around. Therefore, these coins are offered on a strict first-come, first-served basis.

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LS EIC Queens 95th Birthday Sovereign packaging lifestyle - The most important gold coin in the world right now

Celebrating the most iconic coins of King George III’s reign

On 29th January 2020 we marked the milestone 200th anniversary of the end of King George III’s reign. And whilst some will remember him as the ‘Mad King’, there is no denying the coins issued during his reign are some of the most iconic to have ever graced the pockets of the British public.

To celebrate his legacy some of the world’s most renowned Mints have issued some remarkable coin issues.

I’ve picked out some of my favourite designs to share with you today so you, too, can have the joy of discovering the most beautiful coins issued during King George III’s rule.

2020 UK King George III £5 BU £5

In 2020, to mark the 200th anniversary of King George III’s death, The Royal Mint issued this £5 coin.

Struck to a Brilliant Uncirculated finish, this coin features a design by Dominique Evans which explores the multifaceted nature of Britain’s longest reigning king. The design incorporates an effigy of the king alongside the King’s Observatory and Windsor Castle.

King George III’s impressive 59-year reign was memorable for multiple military conflicts, including the end of the American War of Independence and the defeat of Napoleon in the Battle of Waterloo. He oversaw great change in Britain as we emerged as a world power, and was even the first monarch to appear on the modern Sovereign!

I’m sure you’ll agree that this is a stunning issue. Do you have this coin in your collection? Let us know in the comments below.

St George and the Dragon

Designed by renowned engraver Benedetto Pistrucci, the St George and the Dragon design is probably one of the most instantly recognisable motifs in numismatic history. The design first appeared on the modern Sovereign in 1817, when it was struck to replace the gold Guinea following the Great Recoinage Act of 1816, and it still appears on today’s Sovereigns. This made King George III the first monarch to appear on the modern Sovereign, so it’s only fitting really that he is commemorated on a new range of Sovereign coins.

Pistrucci’s iconic design also appeared on King George III’s 1818 Crown, the first type of Crown or Five Shillings to be issued in his reign. This Crown was the first ‘new’ Crown coinage to be struck, and significantly only 155,000 were ever minted – making it highly sought-after amongst collectors today.

George III Silver 1818 Crown  - Celebrating the most iconic coins of King George III’s reign
George III Silver 1818 Crown
(Image courtesy of JN Coins,

The East India Company have struck a beautiful interpretation of this timeless design on the most prestigious Sovereign denomination – the Five Sovereign. The spectacular scene is framed by the Latin motto “hoit soit que mal y pense”, which translates to “shame on him who thinks evil of it” – the motto of the British chivalric Order of the Garter.

5 Sovereign EIC 2020 Reverse - Celebrating the most iconic coins of King George III’s reign
East India Company Five Sovereign coin reverse design

‘Counter Stamped’ Spanish Dollar

The cost of the French Revolutionary Wars, combined with the threat of invasion on the Welsh and Irish coasts, took its toll on the Bank of England resulting in members of the public demanding to withdraw large sums of cash. The result was a currency crisis, as the panicked public depleted the coin and bullion reserves of the Bank of England.

One thing was clear, a solution to the gold and silver coin shortage had to be found, and quickly. At the time most of the Bank’s reserves were held in the most popular coin of the time – Spanish Dollars. To fix the currency crisis King George III authorised the counter stamping of these Spanish Dollars with a ‘puncheon’ of the King’s head as part of the hallmarking. These modified dollars were released rapidly into the market, allaying the currency crisis.

1797 King George III Counter Stamped Spanish Dollar 1 - Celebrating the most iconic coins of King George III’s reign
1797 King George III Counter Stamped Spanish Dollar
(Image courtesy of,

In tribute to this iconic coin, the East India Company has replicated the design on a Double Sovereign piece. The reverse features an effigy of King Charles III of Spain inset with the effigy of King George III to represent the same process as the original Spanish Dollar coins.

LS 2019 St Helena Double Sovereign gold proof coin Rev - Celebrating the most iconic coins of King George III’s reign
East India Company Double Sovereign coin reverse design

Spade Guinea

Under King George III’s reign Britain witnessed the Great Recoinage Act of 1816, following which the favoured gold coin of the time, the Guinea, was replaced by the Sovereign. This was a huge moment for Britain in terms of its currency as the Guinea had become the very foundation of the British Empire’s growth during the late 17th and 18th centuries. Had the Guinea remained in use it would have been circulating at the time of Wellington’s victory at Waterloo!

In its heyday several different motifs featured on Guineas, but none is as famous as the Spade Guinea. Nicknamed because of the spade-like shield on its reverse, this design featured on the last ever circulating Guinea during King George III’s reign.

King George III 1798 Spade Guinea - Celebrating the most iconic coins of King George III’s reign
King George III 1798 Spade Guinea
(Image courtesy of JN Coins,

In fact, this is the only Guinea to feature this distinctive reverse design, and the Half Guinea issued in the same era is the only Half Guinea to also feature it. This makes the Spade Guinea one of a kind. It is this fact which makes the coin fascinating to collectors and historians alike.

Although the Guinea is no longer in circulation you may still come across its name from time to time in classic horse racing. The longstanding tradition of livestock being traded in Guinea values still exists in some auction houses and horse racing organisations because the name ‘Guinea’ is so intrinsically linked with the ‘sport of kings’.

And now this iconic design has been faithfully replicated on a Sovereign, issued by the East India Company. It represents England, Scotland, France and Ireland, as well as the German possessions of the Hanoverian dynasty.

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