The Rare Piece of WWII History Few People Know About…

As we approach the 80th anniversary of D-Day in June 2024, enthusiasts and collectors alike are eagerly seeking out military commemoratives from the era.

Amidst the rush, there exists a rare gem that only a select few are aware of, let alone possess.

It is the Hawaii Overprint Emergency Banknote issued between 1942-1944, and The Westminster Collection have a handful available today – flown to the UK straight from Hawaii.

Read on to learn the fascinating story, what makes them so scarce, and how you can secure one.

The WWII Hawaii Emergency Bank Note

USA – World War Two

During the tumultuous years of World War II, the United States government found itself in a precarious position following the devastating attack on Pearl Harbor.

With deep concerns looming over the possibility of a full-scale invasion of Hawaii by Japan, urgent measures were needed to safeguard the American economy from potential exploitation.

US WWII Hawaii 1 Dollar Banknote Lifestyle 02 - The Rare Piece of WWII History Few People Know About…

To counter this threat, the US government took swift action, issuing emergency banknotes specifically for use in Hawaii. These $1 Silver certificates bore distinct markings, featuring a brown seal and prominent “HAWAII” overprints on both the front and back.

This unique design served a crucial purpose: in the event the notes were seized by enemy forces, they could be repudiated, rendering them worthless thus spoiling attempts at economic sabotage.

A Rare Piece of Military History

Issued only for two years between 1942 and 1944, these emergency banknotes are exceptionally rare, with very few surviving examples still in existence today.

Their scarcity means they rarely make appearances on the secondary market, making them highly sought-after among collectors and historians alike.

US WWII Hawaii 1 Dollar Banknote Lifestyle 03 - The Rare Piece of WWII History Few People Know About…

Less than 25 Available

Here at The Westminster Collection, we have managed to secure a limited number of these extraordinary artefacts.

In fact, there are less than 25 available for collectors in the UK, travelling all the way over from the States.

This represents a rare opportunity to own a piece of history that encapsulates the resilience and ingenuity of a nation during one of its darkest hours.

US WWII Hawaii 1 Dollar Banknote Lifestyle 01 - The Rare Piece of WWII History Few People Know About…

How to Secure Yours…

These WWII emergency banknotes offer a tangible connection to the past, serving as a poignant reminder of the unwavering spirit that prevailed during a time of global upheaval.

Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of this remarkable history.

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The British banknote set to sell for up to £12,000!

Tomorrow on 28th October a Victorian £5 Banknote is set to sell at auction catalogued at up to £12,000! Now you might be wondering how an old piece of paper could be worth such an extortionate price. Well, even though it is over 150 years old, the banknote is in pristine condition – almost as if it has come straight from the Victorian Cashier who issued it himself!

The £5 Banknote, dated for the 28th December 1863 is a representation of the height of the industrial period and the advances made in Victorian Britain. In fact the design and printing technology was so advanced that the exact design was used up until 1956! You see, British Banknotes have an incredible history that is often overlooked in the collecting world…

The First UK Banknote

In 1694 King William III was at war with France, and as is often the case with warfare, the financial state of the nation was put under pressure. And so the Bank of England was established. One of its main jobs was to issue banknotes in return for deposits of gold or silver. It’s thought that the first banknote ever issued was one for £1000! But seeing as most people’s wages were less than £20 a year in those days, most people never saw a banknote.

123100023 2927512590682554 5079541005404482714 n - The British banknote set to sell for up to £12,000!

Each banknote was handwritten on bank paper addressed to the payee, and signed by a cashier to authenticate it –sort of like a modern day cheque. This is a tradition that continues today as each banknote is issued with the Chief Cashier’s signature.

“I promise to pay the barer on demand the sum of five pounds”

THSBC008 Warren Fisher 1 004.tiff - The British banknote set to sell for up to £12,000!

Before 1853 banknotes were completely handwritten, but the innovation of the Victorian period meant that templates for banknotes could be printed. Therefore cashiers no longer had to sign each note individually. The words “I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of Five pounds” were introduced to link the notes to a physical gold value. In theory, anyone could go to the bank and ask them to give them £5 worth of gold in exchange for a £5 banknote, although the meaning has changed today, the tradition remains on the banknotes.

Emergency Wartime issues

2020 wwi emergency bank note front and back - The British banknote set to sell for up to £12,000!

During the First World War, gold was preserved by the government and gold coins in circulation had to be withdrawn. To replace these coins, the Bank of England needed to make a large supply of £1 and 10/- notes available, but the haste at which these were produced meant that there were huge security problems. The notes were too small for cashiers to handle and they had very few anti-counterfeiting measures, but the notes themselves played a vital role in keeping the economy going.

The Second World War Nazi threat

Capture - The British banknote set to sell for up to £12,000!

During World War Two, the British government found out about a Nazi plot to introduced thousands of fake banknotes to destabilise British currency. However the Bank of England took emergency action and changed the colour of some of the notes for the duration of the war. The Nazi’s could not match the high levels of security features on the British banknotes and their plans failed.

Polymer banknotes

Â10 front - The British banknote set to sell for up to £12,000!

Today historic banknotes are harder and harder to get hold of, especially the ones in good condition, and those that are will often sell for thousands of pounds. Few have seen the earlier banknotes, and a small number of us remember using pre-decimal or war time banknotes in our childhoods. This is largely because the paper design which made them more susceptible to damage, so many have been lost over time. The new polymer banknotes first issued in 2016 marked a monumental change in numismatic history, bringing new technology and innovation to our pockets.

If you’re interested

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2020 wwi emergency bank note in folder lifestyle - The British banknote set to sell for up to £12,000!

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